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Ok, so I got the “names’ thing” evil sickness. I collect, scan, search the web, look up for meanings of names.

Some may say I am a freak.

I agree.

Here are some explanations: 

Nevertheless, some notes on this topic might pop up once in a while.

For this chapter, though, just this one:

. Dewin means “wizard” in Gaelic. I chose this for Sevvie’s middle name because it sums what he is: wise, dark, focused, methodical, devoted to study, hard-working, going beyond the expectations, a little obsessed…

My English not very good – me not native of Great Britain – but me think me not be very very dunderhead! Working really hard on improving it, though. My new hobby is reading the dictionary. Thanks, Robin, for opening the door! Thanks, Mr Dani Filth for the kick on the vocabulary!


Severus Dewin Snape took the little burden on his arms, not knowing properly what to do with it, and not being exactly aware of how he decided to put himself in that specific position, against all things he thought before on that subject.

Well, there was nothing to complain about it, now: he deliberately got himself in that place – as a person – he thought bitterly as it was coming to his mind, with a slight hint of regret – who, happily, gives a step towards an unknown abyss.

The house was a wreck.

It had been pouring non-stop, the skies had been dark all day long and the murky clouds brought the night earlier than usual. Winter would be coming soon.

-“An adequate day for this event.” – Severus thought, feeling his heart still pressured with the gloom of what was ahead of him.

Dumbledore was already waiting for him, but he didn’t come near. He gave Severus some time to himself. His chest seemed as if it was sinking down in a frozen pool of despair and panic, and a cold chill from nowhere ran up his back since… he couldn’t really tell, now. Perhaps since he last talked to Lily and she left him with that gloomy feeling it would be the last time he would ever set his eyes on her breath-taking smile. Severus mentally thanked Dumbledore for that moment, because it suddenly looked as if that a knot kept his throat form working.

He had never been there before.

This had been the home of the Potter family, a family to which he could never have belonged: James Potter, the man he had always hated, the man that had always hated him, and Lily… The only person he ever loved, and he once naively thought was loved by.

But he wasn’t, after all. She chose James.

And he tried to hate her for that.

It was also his flaw, anyway. A sigh slipped into the night without he plan it, and a forlorn tear was stubbornly finding its way out, falling through his cheek mixed together with the cold rain.

If there was something particular about him, apart from the dim look and stern personality, it was his solid nature.

Severus Snape was a man one could count with. If he made a pact, he would follow it, if he believed in something, it would be forever, if he made a promise, he would keep it.

Men make mistakes. He had had few; heavy, but few, and he faced them without fear.

And he was there that wintry night to keep a promise he had made many years ago.

He stepped towards Dumbledore, with wet eyes and steadiness in his face.

The aged wizard nodded his head, understanding.

-“Are you up to this task?” – Dumbledore asked, knowing it was useless to make him change his mind.

-“I am.” – Severus answered with vehemence, though his voice could be barely heard. – “That is what I am here for.”

As the day rose and light came out, the deep clouds started to leave the sky, as if knowing their purpose now was to give hope to the desperate ones.

The future didn’t seem so dark and scary now, though the past was so.

Severus peeped in the pile of cloth on his arms, protected from the few drops of rain that was still falling over them, and finally looked at… it.

Damn! Just like James!! The same rebel expression on his face, that uncontrollable black hair!

The little thing looked back at him, quiet, curious, not making a sound, and giggled.

He couldn’t help it!

An almost imperceptible smirk twitched the corner of his mouth.

He was human, for Christ’s sake! He was not a child-eating monster!

And it had HER green eyes!

It could not be that difficult to bear.


Severus woke up from his daydream at the sound of the boy’s voice.

The same green eyes were piercingly looking at his own grim ones, the messy hair incapable of hiding the lighting bolt shaped scar that marked his forehead since he could remember.

-“Dad? Am I going to Hogwarts with you, or I’ll take the Hogwarts Express with the Weasleys?” – the boy asked, at last.

-“The train, of course, Harry! You shouldn’t miss that fun for anything!” – the wizard near the window sneered, as he turned back inside.

Harry James Potter knew instantly his adoptive father was up to something!

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